Social Cooperation under the Division of Labor

04 de mayo de 2012   | Vistas: 6 |  

Peter Boettke begins by pointing out Manuel F. Ayau's noble life mission and the way he saw economics during his lifetime. He talks about the importance of institutions, such as private property in the process of achieving growth and prosperity. Further on, he comments on how socialism degrades the true essence of social cooperation and the division of labor by turning individuals against each other, and sustains that the system under which people live determines their opportunities for success, basing his affirmation in the enormous gap in living standards between Western and non-Western countries around the globe.

He speaks, as well, about the conditions that are necessary in order for a society to become wealthy, which ultimately converge into economic freedom. Finally, Boettke describes situations that have truncated current economic growth and stands out the necessary actions to fix the setbacks in the global economy to prevent them from reappearing.


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