00:01    |    
Initial credits 
00:19    |    
Social engineers
Pretensive knowledge 
The scientific method and the social sciences 
07:15    |    
The construction of mathematical models in the social sciences
The role of the individual 
The perfect competition model 
The purpose of the models 
Change and action 
17:56    |    
Austrian School of Economics
Human knowledge
Textbook knowledge 
Specialized knowledge of local time and place 
Tacit knowledge 
Human action 
The entrepreneur 
The discovery process 
42:33    |    
Austrian School arguments against Socialism
The elimination of private property and market prices 
The problems with an interventionist government 
The welfare state 
49:48    |    
Free individual decisions 
53:25    |    




The Austrian School and Contemporary Economic Theory and Policy

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The Austrian School and Contemporary Economic Theory and Policy
Richard Ebeling

Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, March 6, 2003

A New Media - UFM production. Guatemala, March 6, 2003
Camera / digital editing: Jose Cordón; index: Jorge Estrada; publication: Fernando De León.

Richard Ebeling is a defender of free markets and limited government. He was president of the Foundation of Economic Education…


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