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Initial credits
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Introduction by Luis Figueroa
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What is the relation between the Austrian School of Economics and Politics?
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Can we explore specific examples in how praxeology applies to political analysis?
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What is the role of public choice in the present perspective? 
07:41    |    
Is there room for entrepreneurial action in politics? 
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Is your book focused on economics or can it also be applied in politics? 
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How can one begin to understand the relation between praxeology and political science? 
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Final words
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Final credits




Austrian School and Politics

22 de enero de 2014   | Vistas: 5 |  

Adriano Gianturco, expounds the existing relationship between political theory and the Austrian School of economic thought, he also illustrates the importance of public choice perspective as the only approach for a normative and neutral way of understanding the logic and tendency of politics. He extends the possibility of political analysis from the standpoint of human action; furthermore he explains the prospect of entrepreneurship in politics.

Adriano Gianturco is professor of political science and history of economic thought at IBMEC-MG, in Brazil. He has also teaching…


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