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Initial credits
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The term "entrepreneur"
02:08    |    
A positive force
Relation to economy
05:03    |    
Financial crisis
Difference between individual banks and home owners
Significance of individual's decisions
13:02    |    
Socialist calculation controversy according to Ludwig von Mises
15:21    |    
What is an entrepreneur according to Ludwig von Mises?
17:26    |    
Importance of new firms
19:02    |    
Promoting entrepreneurship
21:08    |    
Economics was taught better
What went wrong?
25:07    |    
The Austrian School
Quotes Ludwig von Mises
28:33    |    
Resurgence of entrepreneurship 
Interest from policy makers
Recognition for entrepreneurs
34:29    |    
Can we define the term entrepreneur?
Entrepreneurship as a phenomenon
Entrepreneurship as a behavior or action
38:57    |    
Alternative perspectives on entrepreneurship
As alertness to opportunities
As innovation
42:08    |    
Entrepreneurial function
42:37    |    
Ways to encourage entrepreneurship
Government policies
How the market channels resources
Best policy to apply
48:54    |    
49:32    |    
Question and answer period
Does entrepreneurship have something to do with the environment?
How can an entrepreneur succeed in a country with bad institutions?
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Final words
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Final credits




The Entrepreneur and Society

05 de septiembre de 2011   | Vistas: 7 |   Austrian School Of Economics Crisis Economy Entrepreneurship

Peter Klein expresses his conception of the term entrepreneur, as he states his belief regarding the misinterpretation of such among society. According to Klein, entrepreneurship has been left out of economy courses, creating a false view of firms and markets. He considers that the key to understand both entities lies in the decisions of individual entrepreneurs and not theories that base their results only in numbers and not decision-making individuals. Finally, Klein advises on the ways that states can contribute to encourage and improve entrepreneurship.

Peter Klein is researcher on economics of organization, entrepreneurship and corporate strategy. He is Associate Professor of Applied Social Sciences…


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