Creating a Guatemalan Dish Inspired in Folktales

Lisa Quan  | 30 de noviembre de 2021  | Vistas: 32

Robyn Metcalfe, food historian and futurist, and the students of Gastronomy, Nutrition, and Entrepreneurship UFM created tasty beautiful dishes inspired in folktales for The Mont Pelerin Society meeting and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

Guatemala as part of Mesoamerica is rich in ingredients, colors, and culture.” — Ximena Leal de Zibara

It was a wonderful experience full of excitement and creativity for UFM students that learned how to connect Guatemalan ingredients, storytelling, and culture in a dish. During the event, Robyn and UFM students presented three acts that represented different folktales, Guatemalan ingredients, and well presented dishes, for the people that attended the lunch during The Mont Pelerin Society meeting.

Food is connected with liberty and freedom from the standpoint that you're free to choose, and in the level of who makes your food it's a wonderful opportunity to learn all about the entrepreneurship that is brought together to bring food to the plate.” — Robyn Metcalfe


Food Historian and Futurist

Coordinadora Académica, Gastronomía Nutricional y Empresarialidad