• 00:01    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:20    |    
  • 00:49    |    
    Purpose of the Index of Economic Freedom
  • 01:15    |    
    The ten factors used to measure economic freedom
  • 03:50    |    
    The importance of economic freedom
    • Economic freedom and per capita income
    • Economic freedom: Personal achievement
    • The bottom 20 countries in the 2006 Index
    • The Top 20 Countries in the 2006 Index
    • Distribution of economic freedom
    • Economic growth: World average score
  • 14:22    |    
    Global trends in economic freedom
    • Eastern and Central Europe
      • Georgia: Economic reforms
        • Commerce liberalization
        • Adoption of Flat Taxes
      • The Flat Tax revolution
    • Consequences of the tax revolution in Western Europe
    • Eastern European Flat Tax rates
    • Top corporate tax rates and economic growth
    • Consequences of the Irish economic reforms
    • Western Europe: Absence of the Flat Tax
  • 31:22    |    
    Economic growth across europe
    • Low growth rate countries
    • Moderate growth rate countries
    • High growth rate countries: Eastern countries
    • Re-emergence of the Hapsburg Empire?
  • 37:26    |    
    Economic history of the 20th century: Centralization
    • Consequences of the French labor reforms: Riots
    • The tax rate history of the United States
    • Conclusion
  • 44:35    |    
    • What are the economic freedom scores of China and India? How is the fiscal policy of China and India?
    • What about countries that appear to be doing very well economically even though they have lower scores for economic freedom?
    • How are populist Latin American governments going to influence economic freedom? Do you foresee important tax reforms in this region?
    • Why do former Communist countries have the highest growth rates?
    • Why do informal markets exist? How do they affect economic freedom?
    • How fast should a country open its economy? How do you realize an economic reform?
    • Do you have economic freedom information about Brunei? What factors limit your ability to gather data?
  • 01:03:20    |    
    Final credits

Trends in the Index of Economic Freedom

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