Understanding the Global Fight for Natural Resources

New Media  | 14 de septiembre de 2016  | Vistas: 566

Nowadays there are several conflicts for natural resources that are caused by different groups of people who want to have access to the same resources, which are increasingly limited. Jeff Bennett shares his thoughts regarding this subject based on his experience as an environmental economics expert. He explains the most common political solutions that groups of interest give to this “fight” for resources and the complexity of the problem because it is a mixture of politics, economics, and people.

Rather than people just buying and selling environmental resources like biodiversity, we have political processes coming in to play to allocate those resources to the various parties who are interested, so it's no longer just economics, it's also politics."

He also addresses the topic of water, and property rights to regulate the use of this vital resource. Bennett talks about the legislation and uncertainty, which is a key factor to take in account when creating legislation that really makes a change. 

What legislation needs to do to make sure it’s a consistent framework over time, is to make sure that the rules are sit in place and don’t change frequently (…) that’s the solution for sustainability.”

Bennett concludes recommending bibliography about this important topic. We suggest you keep learning about it with an Economic Analysis of the Improvement and Conservation of Natural Resources


Director de Relaciones Públicas, Universidad Francisco Marroquín

Expert in environmental economics