Why Implement Team – Based Learning in the Classroom, Interview with Julie Estis

New Media  | 13 de octubre de 2017  | Vistas: 109

Julie Estis, specialist in the methodology of Team-Based Learning, recently visited UFM from Alabama, where she teaches, does research and trains professors to apply this unique educational approach in their classrooms. In this interview she explains why TBL is not what you typically think about “group work”:

The specific structure within the Team-Based Learning course, really helps students stay motivated and engaged”.

Julie also shares details of her experience in the classroom and positive outcomes it has had in her students learning process, because it also promotes critical thinking and collaboration. She says, not only it gives students the opportunity to practice important skills and solve realistic problems, but they are also less likely to drop out of classes with this format.


Director, Quality Enhancement Plan, University of South Alabama


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