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Initial credits
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Introduction: Investing in Bitcoin
Discovery of Bitcoin and investing from the Austrian Economics perspective
02:30    |    
First lesson: Understanding Bitcoin
Definition of Bitcoin
Global usage
Digital existence
Information synchronization 
Allocation of property
Difference between the Bitcoin network and currency
06:35    |    
Second lesson: Keep it simple
Investing in the Bitcoin ecosystem
08:14    |    
Third lesson: Security is key
Personal responsibility 
Safety storage
09:15    |    
Fourth lesson: Don't overestimate the impact of politics
A possible buying opportunity in times of crisis
10:42    |    
Fifth lesson: Use mass psychology to your advantage 
Amount of activity and the value of Bitcoin
13:00    |    
Sixth lesson: Understanding the flow of liquidity
Bitcoin mining
16:33    |    
Seventh lesson: No need to bet the farm, invest Responsibly
Bitcoin as a disruptive technology 
Value of the network 
Optimistic view of future for Bitcoin in Latin America
23:43    |    
Segment of questions, answers and commentaries
Is the increase of Bitcoin price a financial bubble in disguise? 
What do you think is a real price for Bitcoin?
Is it not a negative point for illegal transactions? 
How do I buy bitcoins in Guatemala?
How do you store bitcoins? What is bitcoin mining? 
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Final words
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Final credits 




7 Lessons I Learned about Investing in Bitcoin

21 de enero de 2014   | Vistas: 48 |  

Tuur Demeester presents in this video seven main rules to invest in Bitcoin: understanding what is Bitcoin, simplicity, security, impact of politics, flow of liquidity, investing responsibly. Being a new type of currency, Demeester explains the theory of spontaneous order from the Austrian perspective of economics. He continues by defining the difference between the bitcoin exchange and network from its global usage and its digital existence. He urges future investors in the new ecosystem to keep it simple in buying and selling the coin. By being an unconstructed system, security is key in keeping the investments secure by having personal responsibility regarding passwords and storage. He impulses the possibility of buying opportunities in times of crisis and reminds the users to keep in mind the real effect of world politics in the mass financial power. The value of the coin is not a stable one, it depends on the amount of interchange, and Demeester regards the importance of mass psychology for the advantage in the flow of liquidity. He urges to invest responsibly, concerning the value of the network and the changes in demand and offer of the crypto-market. He ends his presentation by stating the future of the coin in Latin America as a disruptive modification for a better future.

Tuur Demeester is an early investor and advocate of Bitcoin. He is a financial analyst and frequent media commentator on…


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