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    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
    Introduction by Luis Figueroa
  • 00:15    |    
    In which context is celebrated the centennial of the Federal Reserve?
  • 01:08    |    
    After 100 years of the Federal Reserve, what can we learn?
  • 02:40    |    
    The negative results of the Federal Reserve, are due to the institution's structure or mismanagement?
  • 06:32    |    
    What are the currency options of the Federal Reserve and Central Bank?
  • 09:28    |    
    Why is it that people cling to national currencies?
  • 11:24    |    
    Why are you interested in the Magna Carta history?
  • 15:47    |    
    How did the phenomena of money, trade and law happen without Central Bank and no Internet?
  • 17:52    |    
    What is your opinion about Bitcoin?
  • 19:14    |    
    What would be your advice to a central banker?
  • 20:47    |    
    Isn't public spending the source of prosperity?
  • 21:32    |    
    Final words
  • 21:37    |    
    Final credits

Evolution of Money, Central Banking and Public Spending: 100 years later

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In 2014 the Federal Reserve System commemorates the celebration of its Centennial, Jerry Jordan talks about the history and creation of the Central Bank and Federal Reserve. He points out the experiences learned along this 100 years: a chronicle of progress and mistakes as the vision of the future of this institution. Jordan also shares his interest in Magna Carta, the idea to use Bitcoin as an additional option to currency of exchange; and finally, he advises on the importance of limit the government spending.