Andrea Maffei: His Journey in Architecture

Aletse López  | 16 de octubre de 2018  | Vistas: 48

Andrea Maffei is an Italian architect who shares in this video his experiences, learnings and experiments from his early works to his latest creations.

Maffei studied architecture in Florence, where he found professors who came from the experience of a revolutionary moment in the history of Italy. He was influenced by professors and architecture firms who were following the Deconstructivism movement.

I had the chance to work, with Adolfo Natalini, the founder of Superstudio and it was a very interesting experience for me. “

He explains that La Biennale di Venezia was a moment used to express and exchange different advances and experimentations in architecture from everywhere. Italy was an interesting point for attraction for all the architects all over the world, he says.

After graduating from Florence, he moved to Japan as he foresaw that this country was leading into the future. Maffei moved to Tokyo and became an associate director with Arata Isozaki. He mentions the differences in architecture between Japan and the European culture.

It was a very interesting period of experimentation of architecture”.

Maffei worked in the construction of projects such as the Palahockey for the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics and the renovation of Piazza d’Armi. He algo designed the Citylife Tower with his partners.

In conclusion, Maffei talks about his style and why he likes complexity in design.

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