• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:20    |    
  • 01:07    |    
    General approaches of the economic theory related to the poverty problem
    • Theory of finance and poverty traps
    • General economic problems in poor countries
    • Import substitution strategies
    • Dependency theory
    • Role of institutions
    • Different ways of doing business
    • Role of entrepreneurship
  • 07:40    |    
    Types of entrepreneurs
  • Policy entrepreneurs
  • 09:24    |    
    Importance of the middle class
  • 11:14    |    
    Roles of entrepreneurs
    • Traditional entrepreneurs
    • Policy entrepreneurs
    • Social entrepreneurs
  • 13:10    |    
    Landscape for entrepreneurs
  • Cultural barriers for economic growth
  • 15:30    |    
    Entrepreneurship in South Africa
    • Agricultural situation in South Africa
    • Monsanto farming combi-packs
      • Benefits for farmers
      • Farmer testimonies
      • Combi-pack advantages
    • Small-scale entrepreneurs
    • Entrepreneurial challenges
    • Difficult access to markets
  • 32:20    |    
    Policy entrepreneurship in Namibia
  • 33:55    |    
    Community Based Natural Resource Management Program
    • Wildlife policy changes
    • Program goals
    • Program results
    • Significant growth of conservancies
    • Benefits growth over time
    • Conservancy activities and income
    • Job creations through the program
    • Environmental benefits
    • Social entrepreneurship
      • Microfinance entrepreneurship
      • Micro-mortgage development
  • 56:38    |    
    Indego Africa
  • 59:22    |    
    Key roles of entrepreneurs
  • 01:02:40    |    
  • Incentive creation experiment
  • 01:05:55    |    
    Question and answer period
    • Do you think that drug legalization can increase economic growth in Guatemala?
    • In your opinion, which were the incentives the African government had in order to make the changes it did?
    • What kind of political system does Namibia have?
  • 01:16:23    |    
    Final words
  • 01:18:02    |    
    Final credits

A Missing Piece of the Development Puzzle?

New Media  | 06 de julio de 2010  | Vistas: 16

Many economic theories have presented different unefficient plans and recipes intended to eliminate poverty, once and for all; nevertheless, only a few have focused on the importance of entrepreneurship and the alleviating results it provides to poverty.  In this conference Karol Boudreaux explains the importance of entrepreneurs in a society, in order for innovation and wealth to be created.  She describes the existing types of entrepreneurs, as well as how they individually play a vital role in their communities on different needs.  To prove this idea, Boudreaux provides examples of entrepreneurial activities carried out in certain African regions, which have helped poor people to develop and obtain a higher life quality for themselves and their families.  The results of these entrepreneurial programs, performed by large and small-scale entrepreneurs, have demonstrated the importance of these risk-takers in society, due to the beneficial and multiplicative effect of their actions.


Karol Boudreaux is a senior fellow at the Mercantus Center and…


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