• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 19.75    |    
    Opening remarks by Alejandro Chafuén
    • Atlas Economic Research Foundation
    • Sir Antony Fisher
    • Relevance of Universidad Francisco Marroquín in promoting free markets
    • Centro de Estudios Económico-Sociales (CEES)
    • Intellectual entrepreneurs in universities
    • Increase of freedom in universities
    • Atlas manuals and workshops
    • Growth of the APEE program
    • Introducing Jeff Sandefer
  • 06:1.5    |    
    Introduction by Jeff Sandefer
  • 06:13    |    
    Previous predictions of future events
    • Fall of the Soviet Union
    • Enron scandal
    • Recent financial collapse
    • Possible collapse of the educational system
    • Acton experiments
  • 10:01    |    
    Collapse of the educational system
    • Little interest in customer satisfaction
    • Pedagogy of arrogance
    • Funding for academic research
    • Non-tenure-track faculty
    • Mediocre education
    • Prediction
    • Transition from pedagogy of arrogance to pedagogy of humility
  • 16:44.299999999999954    |    
    Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship
    • Principles
    • Talented practitioners
    • Low-budget writing coaches
    • Acton promises
    • Student-teacher contracts
    • Instructor promises
    • Acton video system
  • 24:17.5    |    
    Learning choices
    • Learning by doing
    • Learning by being
  • 25:17    |    
    • Entrepreneurial journey
    • Life of meaning
    • Entrepreneurial tools
    • Curriculum overview
    • Managing people
  • 27:59.5    |    
    Current experiments
    • Acton guides for entrepreneurs
    • E-mail tools
    • Acton Hero's Journey
    • Video clip: Lee Walker's experience
    • Acton sim games for entrepreneurs
    • Video clip: Introduction to the production game
  • 35:36    |    
    Closing remarks
  • 36:53    |    
    Are you trying to copyright your business secrets or are you sharing them with the world?
  • 38:50.30000000000018    |    
    Final words
  • 39:31    |    
    Final credits

An Alternative Model for Educating Business Leaders

New Media  | 05 de abril de 2009  | Vistas: 217

Like many aspects of our current way of life, the traditional educational system is undergoing a transformation from learning-by-knowing to learning-by-doing and being. Jeff Sandefer, MBA, presents his views on the shortcomings of traditional higher education and how these flaws can be addressed. He describes the commitment of the Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship to providing top-quality, cost-effective, and innovative education. He presents an overview of the courses the program offers as well as the quality of the professors and the curriculum. Sandefer also shares Acton’s most recent innovations, including methods for critiquing student and teacher participation in the classroom, low-cost writing coaching, and simulation games for entrepreneurs.


Jeff Sandefer is a conceptualizer/promoter of reform in Texas state universities;…


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