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    Initial Credits
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  • 00:29    |    
    A definition for society
    • Accomplishments of the evolution of society
    • Creation of state as a social pathology
  • 04:20    |    
    Contractual market-based communities
  • The hotel model
  • 09:59    |    
    Nature of tenant income properties: Entrecomms
    • Value is dependent on surrounding land uses
    • The true boundaries of society
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    Final credits

Creation of Entrepreneurial Communities

New Media  | 31 de julio de 2013  | Vistas: 30

Spencer MacCallum speaks of the origin and evolution of contractual, market-based communities, or entrepreneurial communities - “entrecomms”, that spontaneously arise from social interaction. Society is a fraction of the population involved in reciprocal services contractually, MacCallum states. For him, this is a truly recent phenomenon. The accomplishments of society today are infinitely detailed and reflective of adaptation to specific population needs. Creation of state is a “social pathology” that we will eventually grow out of. MacCallum views interactions between individuals leading to the formation of these market-based communities where value, as now, is dependent on surrounding land uses. Boundaries are no longer determined by land delimitations, but truly by competition and ability of communities to provide for the most pressing population needs.



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