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Initial credits 
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Introduction by  Andrew Bernstein
01:08    |    
Quote, The Capitalism Manifesto,  Andrew Bernstein
02:43    |    
True meaning of moral 
Pursue of values 
Theory of racional egoism 
05:38    |    
Structure of the conference 
06:25    |    
Proper egoism 
Importance of human life 
What are values?
Achievement of values 
Importance of the Aristotlelian point of view
Values as the meaning of life 
13:47    |    
Key points of value 
Human enhancement 
Inclusion of other people 
Egoistic life 
20:17    |    
Self sacrifice 
Surrender of values 
Dichotomy of life 
Benefits of helping other people 
Satisfying needs 
Quote, The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand (1943) 
33:16    |    
Proper goodwill 
Personal anecdote 
Support of good values 
Principal values 
Genuine caring and good will 
Everyone is egoistic 
Proper egoist 
True goodwill 
46:14    |    
Promoting goodwill and kindness 
Personal anecdote 
Moral code 
Value achievement 
50:53    |    
Question and answer period 
What is the difference between a proper egoist and one that isn't? 
Can you talk about the heroes of capitalism? 
The racional notion that you used is the same as employed by Friedrich Hayek? 
What is the difference between reason and rationality? 
How can you be benevolent to someone you don´t know? 
What do you think of people who believe self-sacrifice doesn't exist? 
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Final credits 




Foundations of Capitalism: Rational Egoism as the Basis of Goodwill

19 de junio de 2015   | Vistas: 6 |  

In this video Andrew Bernstein talks about the moral value of developing a capitalist perspective and living our lives with its values as our guiding principles. Bernstein assumes that all human beings are innately egoistic but that it isn't a negative value as communists or other critics of libertarianism claim it to be. He expounds that our own egotism drives the promotion of goodwill and kindness throughout the world because it is in our own interest to create a better world for ourselves and our children. He matches his claims by describing the different heroes of capitalism that have existed in history and enumerates their achievements in creating a richer environment for all.

Andrew Bernstein is author of The Capitalist Manifesto: The Historic, Economic, and Philosophic Case for Laissez-Faire; Capitalism Unbound: The Incontestable…


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