PFM or All Ceramic Restorations… What’s Changed, What’s Stayed the Same?

07 de agosto de 2009   | Vistas: 4 |  

In this conference, directed specifically to dental students at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Kenneth S. Kurtz discusses the use of metal ceramics and fixed partial dentures (FPDs) in prosthodontics and dentistry. He begins by explaining the different processes that can be substituted for this technique and in what situations it may in fact be the best option to solve the problem. Depending on the dentist's biases and the patient's situation, it is up to the dental professional to determine if the patient needs it or not. The dentist must use the patient's prognosis to determine whether to use an all-ceramic restoration or a metal ceramic one. Kurtz emphasizes the need for a failure plan when introducing partial dentures so that any unforseen circumstance that arises can be addressed. He explains that students need to learn to develop backup plans when performing these procedures, which are not perfect and have a high probability of failure due to different circumstances in fabrication.


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