• 00:01    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:20    |    
    • Humans are part of nature
    • Limited knowledge
    • Humans are fallible
  • 03:49    |    
    Credential respect for the environment
  • 04:33    |    
    Long term effects
  • 06:10    |    
    The tragedy of the commons
  • 06:41    |    
    Respect of ecological limits
    • What is respect?
    • The case of Kruger National Park
    • Respect for the environment: something you learn
  • 22:40    |    
    The sustainable third way
    • The formation of the Private Game Reserve
    • Respect revisited
    • Population control
  • 32:01    |    
  • 33:47    |    
    Final credits

What is Respect for the Environment?

New Media  | 08 de octubre de 2004  | Vistas: 3805

Many human beings live without being aware of their role as a part of nature. As homo sapiens, they are required to obtain a certain respect for nature. According to Elizabeth Willott, the lack of knowledge that humans have regarding the respect for nature is one of the biggest hazards to the environment. She explains that having consideration for the environment is important to make the most of the natural resources and mentions that this respect is gained through the exploration of nature. Willott also focuses on a solution that can make people meet their needs, a solution that has the least negative ecological impact.


Elizabeth Willott is an assistant professor in the Department of Entomology…