• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:18    |    
  • 01:06    |    
    Early political participation of Unidad Revolucionaria Nacional Guatemalteca (URNG)
  • 02:41    |    
    Posterior party alliance with Unidad Nacional de la Esperanza (UNE)
    • Power distribution inside UNE
    • Dissident objectives inside UNE
    • Newspaper references regarding changes inside the party
  • 07:42    |    
    Recent political and social events in Guatemala
    • Criticism towards the program Cohesión Social
    • Energy crisis across the country
    • Scientific health studies performed on mining zones
    • Human rights violations by Marlin mine
    • International pressure to shutdown the Marlin mine
    • Shutdown process carried out by the Government
  • 21:28    |    
    Frente Nacional de Lucha (FNL)
    • History
    • Venezuelan Government intervention
    • New objectives of the left-wing
    • Members
    • Operating method
    • Working strategies
  • 29:57    |    
    Political Romanticism
  • 31:49    |    
    Neorevolutionary actions
  • 32:09    |    
    Central battle objectives
  • 32:51    |    
    Citizen consultation strategies
  • 33:32    |    
    Community consensus
  • 34:49    |    
    Absurd political situations
  • 35:55    |    
    Rights of indigenous people
  • 36:17    |    
    Environmental concerns
  • 36:52    |    
    Case of Huehuetenango
  • International links to NGOs
  • 38:26    |    
    Case of San Marcos
  • Role of the Catholic Church
  • 41:55    |    
    Main strategy
  • 43:34    |    
    Political plans for 2015
  • 44:54    |    
    Ideological opposition
  • 46:22    |    
    Question and answer period
    • Do you believe the FNL's success in our country lies on its strategic communication methods?
    • Do you see a difference in rural areas between migrants and locals who have never migrated?
  • 58:36    |    
    Final words
  • 01:00:16    |    
    Final credits

Case Study: The Reconversion of the Left in Guatemala

New Media  | 29 de junio de 2010  | Vistas: 39

Miguel Castillo comments on the political situation of the left groups in Guatemala after the signing of the Peace Accords. In his statement, he explains the electoral participation of the URNG, its political career, and the changes suffered within the organization. Also, based on an analysis of political events, published in different media, Castillo gives an outline on the matter, which makes evident that there is an existing reconversion of the left groups in the country, proposing a revolutionary warless socialist project through new themes or topics for the year 2016, which is abided by the Frente Nacional de Lucha from Venezuela; whose work policies study the possibility of creating fronts to confront transitional opponents such as mining, hydroelectric plants, and its main objective: the sugar industry. He also mentions communication strategies, the association of different social organizations, community vision, and the participation of the Catholic Church in the process. Finally, he points out that the fight of these groups continues to be ideological.

Versión en español Caso de estudio: la reconversión de la izquierda en Guatemala


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