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Comprehensive Care of Cleft Palate

21 de febrero de 2013   | Vistas: 114 |  

Barbu Gociman addresses the topic of congenital deformities caused by abnormal facial developments during gestation, such as cleft lip and palate. He explains what the normal lip and its surrounding areas should be like and then compares it to one suffering with a fissure. He talks about the causes and effects of certain face-related deformities and shares the story of reparative techniques, elaborating on the recent studies and advances used in surgical treatment. He explains the stages for reconstruction and relates the arguments to be in favor or against using each system, providing a general overview of the care for this type of illness. He concludes by pointing out that the cleft condition may, as well, be found in animals and not exclusively on humans.

Barbu Gociman is plastic surgeon at the University of Utah Medical Center. Previously, he was investigator at the Department of…


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