Freedom at Work

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Ruth Richardson describes the labor market and the way it is conducted in New Zealand. She compares it to Guatemala and states that the method of determining the terms of employment and labor in this country can be fatal to the desire of becoming a competitive nation. She also explains that the method of Guatemala focuses on collective bargaining while the New Zealand method focuses on the individual instead of the government. She talks about her country’s transition from having one of the most regulated wage systems to one of the most deregulated and also emphasizes on the role that the government should have regarding the labor market and the wage system; finally, she places New Zealand as a role model in which freedom is at work.


Freedom at Work
Ruth Richardson

Friedrich A. Hayek Auditorium
Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, June 19, 1997

Digitization made by New Media - UFM. Guatemala, June 1997
Synopsis: Sebastian del Buey; synopsis reviser: Daphne Ortiz


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