How to Create Contemporary Architecture

07 de septiembre de 2009   | Vistas: 20 |  

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Architecture has evolved through the centuries, adjusting and acquiring the shape and conditions each society requires. In this conference, Taira Nishizawa compares contemporary and modern architecture. He begins by explaining the principal characteristics of contemporary architecture, which he identifies as natural, phenomenal, magical, and varied. He describes several of his own contemporary projects, focusing on each one's unique characteristics, from structural elements and materials to lighting and interior design. Based on his professional experience, he discusses the types of structures he prefers, how they influence the building's ambience, and how a variety of elements, both natural and artificial, can provide a delightful touch to the final project.


How to Create Contemporary Architecture
Taira Nishizawa

Friedrich A. Hayek Auditorium
Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, September 7, 2009

New Media - UFM production.  Guatemala, September 2009
Camera: Jorge Samayoa; digital editing: Adrián Méndez; index and synopsis: Sergio Bustamante; publication: Mario Pivaral / Carlos Petz


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