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      Initial credits
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      Introduction: dedication to Friedrich A. Hayek
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      Important definitions
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    • 03:01    |    
      Morals and morality
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    • 27:43    |    
      Homo economicus
    • 40:56    |    
      Mainstream economics
    • Interpretation of facts
    • 50:25    |    
      • Austrian economics approach
      • Ethical behavior
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      Final credits

  • Morals and Markets

    New Media  | 18 de noviembre de 2002  | Vistas: 635

    About this video

    Kurt Leube talks about the relationship between ethics and economics by providing precise definitions of morality and values, as well as the concept of homo economicus. He comments on how morals play an important role in economics and explains the spontaneous development of market. He also discusses the tabula rasa condition of men and how it is filled with the values they learn from their families. Leube talks about the behavior of the real society and what are the incentives that move people. According to his experience, he explains that individuals do things in order to be appreciated by others and to get merit; he also arguments that law of economics and law of men cannot be explained since they are too complex. Finally, he shares the definition of freedom according to Friedrich A. von Hayek and Immanuel Kant.


    Morals and Markets
    Kurt Leube

    Friedrich A. Hayek Auditorium
    Universidad Francisco Marroquín
    Guatemala, November 18, 2002

    A New Media - UFM production. Guatemala, November 2002
    Camera: José Cordón; digital editing: José Cordón; index: Inés Zúñiga; synopsis: Diana Pishquí; synopsis reviser: Daphne Ortiz; GML: Pedro David España


    Kurt Leube is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution of…