Nathanael Berger:
Interest Rates and Inflation

Pilar Escobar Cárdenas  | 19 de mayo de 2020  | Vistas: 80

MobLab is an online application that teaches economics and the value of growth in a virtual and interactive way. Nathanael Berger is the Director of Sales of this initiative, during this conference, he ran an economic experiment with this application and emphasized on the importance of students knowing how the economy works and offered an easy way to learn about it.

It helps you to understand what's going on in a loan market for money.” — Nathanael Berger

For the activity, students used their own devices (turning the room into a lab) to learn about statistics, data, and payoff scoreboard. MobLab, works in real-time, creating lessons for students to learn objectives, strategies, recommendations, thought processes, as well as techniques for better and easier economic decisions.

Berger expresses his point of view on inflation and questions the audience about the causes and consequences of it. Also, during the experiment, he explains the concepts behind how inflation works.

Inflation makes negotiations harder especially in your deals.” — Nathanael Berger

He also reveals the development process of the app and how they are still creating techniques to improve it, aiming to make a platform that helps people learn about economic issues quickly and easily. Berger clarifies the importance of experiential learning in education, which is why he created the application with flexible games, experiments, and surveys that anyone can play, from any device at any time.

To conclude, he invites students to play and interact with the app in order to understand more about economics.


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