00:00    |    
Initial credits
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01:33    |    
Institute of Economic Affairs and Universidad Francisco Marroquín
03:21    |    
Nature and role of education
Michael Polanyi
Socratic dialogue
06:53    |    
Readings from Manuel F. Ayau
Quotes Not a Zero-Sum Game, Manuel F. Ayau
08:31    |    
Nature of justice and economic relationships according to Manuel F. Ayau
Poverty and opportunity
Quotes Free Market Fairness, John Tomasi
11:17    |    
What drives the discovery of interest in economics?
Passion to persuade liberty and truth
Understanding of laws
Quotes "Carter y yo", Manuel F. Ayau
Importance of laws, rights, and ethics
Ethical point of view of the constitution
Concern about legislation
Justice and classical liberal ideas
Quotes The Constitution of Liberty, Friedrich A. Hayek
Law of comparative advantage
Understanding of economics since 1950's
Stages of economic insight since the collapse of communism
Get the prices right
Quotes the film Moscow on the Hudson, 1984
Get the institutions right
Get the culture right
Quotes Milton Friedman
32:35    |    
Arguments about the law of comparative advantage and benefits of trade
Efficiency of Manuel F. Ayau to communicate his ideas
34:10    |    
Henry Hazlitt
Quotes Economics in One Lesson, Henry Hazlitt
Quotes Free to Choose, Milton Friedman
Difficulty communicating economics
Quotes Not a Zero-Sum Game, Manuel F. Ayau
38:17    |    
Importance of knowing how to communicate ideas
Consequences of economic fallacies
Quotes Linda Winston in Defender of Sound Economicsby Frédéric Bastiat
42:00    |    
Teaching principles of free society
43:21    |    
Difference between authority and authoritarianism in education
46:14    |    
Belief in spontaneous order
46:45    |    
Confrontation of Manuel F. Ayau's ideas
Quotes Why Don't I Have a Bicycle?, Manuel F. Ayau
48:58    |    
Simplicity of Manuel F. Ayau's ideas
50:27    |    
Anecdote about Peter J. Boettke's childhood
52:01    |    
Manuel F. Ayau's way to communicate economics
55:12    |    
Reflections on writings by Manuel F. Ayau
Quotes The Economic Way of Thinking, Paul Heyne, Peter J. Boettke, David L. Prychitko
Economic principles of Austrian tradition
Different ways of dialogue
Students' need of a brainwash
01:03:15    |    
How Peter J. Boettke became an economist
01:06:39    |    
Different ways of learning
01:07:09    |    
James M. Buchanan's way of teaching
01:07:46    |    
Socratic practice
Difficulties of learning, teaching and conveying messages
Anecdote about Manuel F. Ayau
01:11:45    |    
Manuel F. Ayau's writings 30 years ago
Division of labor
01:13:47    |    
Way to think about economics through time
01:15:14    |    
Quotes Capitalism and Freedomand Free to Choose, Milton Friedman
01:16:20    |    
Ludwig von Mises' readings
01:17:00    |    
Freedom films
Inside Job, 2010
Quotes The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time, Jeffrey Sachs
Quotes We the Living, Ayn Rand
01:18:43    |    
01:21:43    |    
Dialogue of the 21st century
01:22:04    |    
Final credits




Socratic Dialogue about Manuel F. Ayau’s Work

03 de mayo de 2012   | Vistas: 3 |  

Peter J. Boettke leads a Socratic dialogue about the published work of Manuel F. Ayau, remarking the high educational standards that Universidad Francisco Marroquín holds because of his efforts to teach about the importance of education.

Boettke raises questions for this dialogue based on the book Not a Zero-Sum Game and the participants discuss subjects such as the inquiry about the foundation of society and nature of economic relationships, the interest of people in economics, poverty and opportunity.

During the dialogue, the participants gave their opinion about the understanding of laws, rights and ethics, the law of comparative advantage, spontaneous order, but especially about the efficiency of Manuel F. Ayau to communicate his ideas, and mainly, the way he taught economics.


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