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  • 1:50    |    
    Welfare State
    • The border
    • "A government that loves the poor"
    • Minimum wage
    • Redistribution
  • 23:20    |    
    Cuba's case
    • Economic calculation
    • Jacob's trip to Cuba
    • The embargo
    • What do they think about the Cubans in Miami?
  • 53:30    |    
    Discussion and questions
    • How do you make poor people understand the arguments?
    • What would you say if you had to convince congressmen to reduce taxes to rich people?
    • We should learn from history, we need an eternal vigilance. In Latin America we have poor institutions, we dont have a rule of law.
    • "Do you think that people would take advantage to change things when Castro dies?"

The Austrian Economics and the libertarian ideal: Taxation and redistribution

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The Austrian Economics and the Libertarian Ideal: Taxation and Redistribution
Jacob G. Hornberger

Auditorio Friedrich A. Hayek
Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, August 9, 2001

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Jacob G. Hornberger is the founder and president of The Future…