UFM TALKS: Reshaping our future

Estefanía Campos  | 26 de junio de 2020  | Vistas: 75

Reshaping our future was the topic of the second UFM Talk, in which Eric Glustrom, founder of Watson Institute, along with María Kaltschmitt, founder of Zen Interactive Media shared their ideas in an exciting conversation moderated by Mónica de Zelaya, Dean of Facultad de Ciencias Económicas at UFM.

Both participants started describing their interpretation of what it means to reshape our future.

For me, that’s what reshaping our future is all about is that individual action that we can all take to get to that collective future we all want to see.” — Eric Glustrom

Later they discuss the challenges as individuals regarding this process of change. For María, fear is one of them, a natural feeling that comes with evolving and another one would be learning how to collaborate with others to create greater projects. Eric also comments on the education system, how some times it doesn’t promote creativity and collaboration, which is very important nowadays. Mónica de Zelaya suggests writing the things we are fearful about, to focus on the aspects we can change and shares a great story of the opportunities that a lockdown can bring to create projects that transform humanity.

Planning comes with vision. You really need to be creative enough to stop and put your fear aside and say, what am I gonna do? (...) hope is something that is simple to say, but if you don’t have a plan, hope will disappear.” — María Kaltschmitt

The tools and skills that students should acquire today to adapt to the new world and its necessities are other topics discussed during the conference. They mentioned the importance of listening, asking questions, and focusing on the individual in the educational system.

We need to think, how can we help our students individually to live an incredible learning experience that will change their lives forever, and that would help them get in the process of reshaping the future.” — Mónica de Zelaya

Finally, they shared ideas around resources, building good relationships with your team, and answered questions from the audience on how to motivate your team to reinvent, the changes after the pandemic is over, creativity, planning, and digital acceleration to change your future, within other interesting topics.

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