A Conversation on Technology and Liberty

  | 19 de enero de 2017  | Vistas: 47

Libertad Tecnología

President of UFM Gabriel Calzada has a conversation with Sam Patterson, Bitcoin expert and Gustavo Medina, Serial Tech entrepreneur about liberty and technology. They begin by defining if technology is a friend or an enemy of liberty in which both agree it is both things:

Clearly a lot of technology has been used by governments to repress their citizens, but on the same token there are lots of people who are building new technologies specifically to free people in their lives.” - Sam Patterson

There are many barriers to free action in every country; the specialists detail if the improvements that we are going to see come from changes in regulation or technology. They also mention some of the technologies that they consider will make the world a freer place, such as Bitcoin and Open Bazaar, a project Patterson is working on. Medina mentions blockchain as a protocol because it helps prevent corruption and produces new processes and systems.

We can use it [blockchain] to create new processes, new procedures and to change the way we connect processes and systems.” - Gustavo Medina

Later they address the topic of the threats of technology for human beings in case it becomes more intelligent. Finally they talk about how to prepare new generations adapt to the technological evolution.

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