Benjamin Slivka: Technology and the future of connectivity

  | 31 de enero de 2020  | Vistas: 32

Antigua Forum Biotechnology Internet Regulation

In the midst of this year’s Antigua Forum, Bill Frezza, conducted an interview with "the father of Internet Explorer", Benjamin Slivka. He shares his trajectory on how he started to work in technology and how he got involved in the creation of the Internet Explorer project, his long periods of work and the ideas that came with it.

The internet didn’t really exist in most people minds, and so what happened in 1994 is this idea of web browser arouse, I saw the web for the first time in June 1994, and I had a very special experience, so I kind of thought the internet was going to be a thing".

Later on, Slivka reveals how biotechnology is now his project of interest, and how he trusts that the work people put in this industry will save lives and also prevent poor life quality. This ends up in an interesting discussion on how new technologies and regulatory regimes will work together and how it will keep up to one another as times evolve.

I think governments and laws are going to have to adjust to those changing technological landscapes".

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