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    Initial credits
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    Journey to political reform
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    Problem with central banking
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    How to get interest rates set by the market
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    Cobden Centre
  • 04:53    |    
    From aerospace to financial reform
  • 06:27    |    
    How has your message been received?
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    UK in the future
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    Final credits

Bitcoin, Britain, and Banking

  | 19 de enero de 2014  | Vistas: 72

Banking Bitcoin Britain Cryptocurrency

Steve Baker discusses his journey from aerospace engineer to political reformer. He presents his views on free trade and world peace, financial reform, and Bitcoin. Steve explains why central banking is damaging to social progress and proposes a system in which interest rates are set by markets. Steve also talks about the goals of the Cobden Centre, a market-liberal think tank he co-founded. Finally, he talks about his vision for the future of the UK.

This video has been made possible thanks to support from the John Templeton Foundation, Global Philanthropic Trust, and the Earhart Foundation.

This interview was recorded as part of The Antigua Forum 2014 gathering.

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Steve Baker is a British Conservative Party politician and member of…


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