Daniel Rothschild: A Conversation on State Reforms and Social Change

New Media UFM  | 31 de enero de 2020  | Vistas: 67

Antigua Forum Government Legislation Social Change

Daniel Rothschild has centered his work on social change and participated at the Antigua Forum 2019. He explains how exciting it is for him to work with the future of society and supporting academic research, as well as applying it to topics such as state regulatory reforms, as a way to modernize the regulatory regime and impact people’s lives. 

I’d like to learn more about where we’ve seen reforms that haven’t required that kind of negative shock along the way, and I know that this things are possible, but I think they are under explored by social change practitioners".

He expresses his opinion on state reforms using Virginia as an example, where the legislature approved a law to reduce regulation affecting criminal justice and occupational licensing. Also, comments on the importance of the role of a limited government, individuals, rule of law, commerce, and more. 

A lot of people came in with really exciting outputs that they haven’t really tied to the outcomes. And this is something that all of us, are consistently and constantly challenged by".

He shares his understanding of how to classify outcomes versus outputs, and how to begin thinking about what the outcome is that you are seeking and to then connect outputs to those results. Rothschild expresses his gratitude for participating in the Antigua Forum with people that are constantly challenged by projects including himself.

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Executive Director,  Mercatus Center at George Mason University


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