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    Radio Caracas and Its Role for Freedom
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    When Hugo Chávez Shut down Radio Caracas
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    Keeping Radio Caracas Alive
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    The Social Role of Mass Media
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    The Future of Radio Caracas
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Fighting for Freedom of Speech in Venezuela

  | 17 de enero de 2016  | Vistas: 38

Marcel Granier tells the story of Radio Caracas, one of Venezuela's most popular TV stations. He talks about the difficulties of running the media company under Hugo Chavez who shut it down multiple times to silence critics of his regime. Continuing on the same topic, Marcel discusses the role of mass media in bringing about social and political change. He also shares his thoughts on the future of Venezuela and Radio Caracas.

This video has been made possible thanks to support from the John Templeton Foundation, Global Philanthropic Trust, and the Earhart Foundation.

This interview was recorded as part of The Antigua Forum 2016 gathering.

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