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Gonzalo Blousson 19 de enero de 2014  |

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    Initial credits
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    Start in politics
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    Libertarian party in Argentina
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    Goals of party
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    Commitment to liberal principles
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    Future of Argentina
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    Final credits

Liberalism in Argentina

Gonzalo Blousson talks about liberalism in Argentina and how he found himself establishing a libertarian political party there. Gonzalo explains that the party is working to change the perception of liberalism in Argentina and expand the ideas of free markets and individual rights by targeting its message to young people. By embracing freedom, he says, Argentinians can change the country for the better.

This video has been made possible thanks to support from the John Templeton Foundation, Global Philanthropic Trust, and the Earhart Foundation.

This interview was recorded as part of The Antigua Forum 2014 gathering.

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