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    Initial credits
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    Introduction by Astrid Ayala
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    What are your thoughts on corporate governance's bad practices and how can they be fixed?
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    What are the characteristics of an effective executive compensation program?
  • 04:10    |    
    What are the most important challenges when implementing Economic Value Added (EVA)?
  • Quotes n , Joel M. Stern
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    What method would you recommend for establishing the cost of equity in an emerging economy such as the Guatemalan?
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    Final words
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    Final credits

Comments on Economic Value Added (EVA) and Corporate Governance

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Joel M. Stern speaks about corporate governance and the importance it has in a company. He explains the basic structure of this type of leadership and its impact on the corporation's endurance in the market. Based on his experience, he shares the process of adding value to the productive process in a venture, stressing the significance of the inclusion concept throughout the system. He also describes how this effective resource can be applied to different economic schemes, despite the condition of the national economy.


Joel M. Stern is the creator and developer of Economic Value…


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