00:01    |    
Initial credits
00:20    |    
00:27    |    
Part I
00:34    |    
Ideas and methodology
01:33    |    
Guatemala's relation to syncretism
02:40    |    
Essences of syncretism
Marjan Colletti's ideas towards syncretism
07:44    |    
Objectives of Digital Poetics
09:35    |    
Contemporary digital architecture currents
Architectural  Zeitgeist
11:17    |    
Role of exuberance in digital architecture
Role of ornamentation
Digital drawings
Digital biotechnical ornamentation
Goal of exuberance
Real-life exuberance in society through time
Importance of global conscience
True meaning of exuberance 
22:26    |    
Analogical techniques in digital design
24:27    |    
Differences between digital and analog design
28:51    |    
Part II
29:06    |    
Project overviews
31:38    |    
Object dimensionalities
34:38    |    
Materials and structure of designs
36:01    |    
Large scale projects
38:14    |    
Fascination for structure materiality
39:09    |    
Architectural language development
42:26    |    
Cruciality of in-between spaces 
44:25    |    
Large-scale architecture 
45:25    |    
Student projects
Atmospheric spaces
Nature and space techniques
Laser use
57:15    |    
Typology of syncretism
01:00:09    |    
Maximization of architectural hybridity
01:04:12    |    
Iteration and reiteration of objects
01:07:31    |    
Question and answer period
When materializing a digital object, do you think that material then becomes the representation of the digital or vice versa and becomes secondary?
Would you agree that an architecture student should focus on learning digital techniques rather than physical ones?
What would be the process for learning exuberant architecture?
01:18:18    |    
Final words
01:19:09    |    
Final credits




Digital Syncretism: Exuberance and Convolution

11 de octubre de 2010   | Vistas: 7 |  

Architecture, viewed as art, has evolved through time in many different aspects. It has embraced diverse contemporary elements that complement it in the task of making this art much more attractive for people. In this video, Marjan Colletti explains this process and describes several of the prevailing tendencies in the world. Technology, which has acquired a tremendous importance in our society, plays a great role in the evolution of architecture. Topics such as exuberance, syncretism, and convolution are some of the most common and important currents  influencing it presently. Colletti exemplifies these currents using varied architectural digital and physical examples from his own creation and demonstrates how he has influenced his students in pursuing these types of innovations throughout their careers.

Marjan Colletti is coprincipal of Marcosandmarjan Design Limited, in London. He is architect, architectural educator and researcher. He is also…


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