Was Thomas Hodgskin a Socialist?

Yasmin Valdez  | 24 de julio de 2018  | Vistas: 246

Alberto Mingardi is the general director and co-founder of the Bruno Institute for the Italian Free Market. He specializes in the study of anti-monopoly and political thinking. Mingardi begins the conversation by taking a tour of Thomas Hodgskin's life,  and arguments why is incorrect to define him as a Ricardian Socialist.

He exposes how Thomas, without education nor experience of the real world, got to turn around things and made writing his career. Alberto discusses the common reasons for why Hodgskin is known as a “socialist" and explains the mystery behind his unknown work. Also, he presents how the London Telegraph and his overall work can give a better understanding of Hodgskin’s views.

The price system is the finger of Heaven, indicating to all men how they may employ their time and talents most profitably for themselves, and most beneficially for the whole society.” - Thomas Hodgskin

Mingardi gives the different outlooks, of Thomas and Bastiat, on the Paris Insurrection, trade unions, and the National Workshop. He also discusses one of the main arguments given to Hodgskin, still a current argument, to socialize production:

The market system is the anarchy of production.”

Alberto presents Hodgskin on Lamartine and economics, as well as the corruption of economic science. Mingardi explains Thomas perspective on the moderate party, how he saw the fact of letting Louis Napoleon on the French Assembly, and his thoughts about taxation and the working classes.

He recommends looking deep and to appreciate Thomas Hodgskin's work. He finally answers the question, of Thomas being a socialist or not; and gives the reason why Hodgskin's and Bastiat’s articles are significant.

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Alberto Mingardi es director general y cofundador del Instituto Bruno Leoni,…


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