Experimental Reforms in Honduras

Guillermo Peña Panting, founding CEO of Fundación Eléutera talks about the inspiration and process to create this institution that defends and promotes the ideas of liberty in Honduras since 2013 and the importance of its foundation. He has also been involved in the ZEDEs reform and comments on the idea behind it:

A creative idea showed up and said let’s try out small areas with big reforms or total reforms and see what happens.”

Peña shares the biggest challenges encountered to implement this reform and for the future, in which he mentions the problem of the public perception and the internal learning curve.

Guillermo is also involved in a land title registry project based on blockchain technology, which came up as a necessity to Honduras’ weakness on protection of land titles. He explains the acceptance of people to this innovative ideas and their goals to achieve the project.

The idea was using blockchain technology which at the end in very simple ways is software to protect data.”

Finally he comments on why Honduras is a hotbed for experimental reforms and the importance of having right people, relations and build the right trust to make things happen.

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