Free Speech and Its Enemies

  | 19 de enero de 2017  | Vistas: 41

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Flemming Rose, journalist and famous for publishing very controversial Muhammad cartoons at the danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, talks about how he became interested in journalism during the cold war, where his biggest ambition was to become a Moscow correspondent.

Later, based on his experience of communism and oppression he shares how his perception on freedom of speech has evolute and about several examples he has identified of self censorship and fear about writing and talking about Islam.

The self-censorship is based in real fear, it’s not just a fiction of the mind, because we’ve seen that several people have been killed.”

Rose also goes deep into the Western understanding of the Islamic culture; he believes we are very iliterate about this topic because we are lacking knowledge and therefore we have an uninformed discussion about violence, terrorism and the role of religion in this. Also talks about the terrorist mindset, based in an ideology that justifies killing in the name of an imagined god:

I do think there is justification for this in the Coran, and that’s why it’s so difficult for non violent muslims to challenge the Jihadist on a theological level.”

Finally he comments on which stories are worth telling and the importance of freedom of speech in today’s world.

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Foreign affairs editor at Jyllands-Posten and senior fellow at Cato Institute


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