How Free Trade Zones Can Unlock the Economy

  | 19 de enero de 2017  | Vistas: 50

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Surse Pierpoint talks about the emergence of the Colón Free Trade Zone, a commercial showcase in Panama, after World War 2 to stimulate the economy and the benefits it has brought to this country. He explains the new efforts being done to attract multinationals for it to be their regional distribution center. Pierpoint also addresses the actions oriented to helping people around the Free Trade Zone:

On the other side of the wall in the city of Colón there’s a lot of poverty, so the idea with Colón Puerto Libre was to create some incentives to have them be applied in the city and also create some of the wall that you see inside the free trade zone.”

Later shares if he believes in trickle-down economics and why we should focus in creating opportunities so markets can work:

If you create opportunity, you create growth, if you create growth, you destroy poverty and at the end of the they that’s what we should be interested in.”

Pierpoint describes why he thinks Free Trade Zones can be an inspiration to other countries to invigorate their economy and his work promoting free trade around the world.

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Surse Pierpoint is general manager of Colon Import & Export, Panama.…


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