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    Initial credits
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    Morocco's first free-market think tank
  • 02:11    |    
    Liberalism in the Arab world
  • 03:42    |    
    The impact of the Arab Spring
  • 06:42    |    
    What comes after the Arab Spring?
  • 09:42    |    
    Addressing the protesters at Tahir Square
  • 12:52    |    
    What is the Summer Freedom School?
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    Final credits

Liberalism in the Arab World

  | 18 de enero de 2015  | Vistas: 24

Antigua Forum

Nouh El Harmouzi explains what motivated him to found the first free-market think tank in Morocco and how did the process of promoting classical liberalism in the Arab world start. He shares some of the challenges they have encountered in the journey, such as explaining the importance of economic and political freedom. He also mentions the mixed impact that the Arab Spring had in his work of promoting liberalism, where people wanted more freedom but in the climate of fear they preferred security and dictatorship. El Harmouzi comments on what the next step should be for people and reformers to keep promoting liberalism and shares his personal experience when addressing the protesters at Tahir Square. Finally, he talks about the start of the Summer Freedom School, a project to promote liberalism in the Arab world, and how it currently works.

This video has been made possible thanks to support from the John Templeton Foundation, Global Philanthropic Trust, and the Earhart Foundation.

This interview was recorded as part of The Antigua Forum 2015 gathering.

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