Robert Metcalfe : Telecommunications back in the 1970’s

Yasmin Valdez  | 31 de enero de 2020  | Vistas: 41

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Technology is evolving at a fast pace and influencing the way we live. During this interview, Robert Metcalfe, inventor of the Ethernet, shares how the telecommunications business used to be back in the 1970s and how it has shifted to what it is now, based on his personal experience and life’s work.

The most important new fact about the human condition is that we are all connected.”

He shares his journey when he was emerging as an engineer, and how the telecommunications market, as well as regulations, were. Emphasizing that IBM was the computer monopoly and AT&T had the telecom monopoly. Metcalfe reveals that the Ethernet was a network designed by a computer scientist and not by a communications engineer as some may believe.

You couldn't connect anything to the AT&T unless they owned it."

Robert explains how he experienced the regulations on telecommunications and his perspective on the growth of internet gigabits that is going to be available. He expresses his high hopes and positivity towards the future of connectivity and technology, so it brings help, prosperity, and freedom to everyone.

We are overwhelmed with what we have done, so here it comes, it is going to be even more overwhelming than what we have had so far."

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