Robin Koerner: Liberty, Politics, and Mass Persuasion

Yasmin Valdez  | 28 de octubre de 2020  | Vistas: 41

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The art of Persuasion is a tool that can help find common elements and perspectives during a disagreement on any topic. Robin Koerner, a specialist in political psychology, communication, and mass persuasion, explains the benefits and challenges of this process.

In the United States, based on polls, 70% of citizens think that the political system is damaged and political discourses don’t have productive results. For Koerner, the most relevant aspect is to find common principles that the parts involved have for improving politics and to achieve this, humility is essential.

The more open you are to being persuadable, the more persuasive you usually are." — Robin Koerner

  • For individuals interested in this ability, Koerner recommends to:
  • Get excited about the prospect of being wrong.
  • Be open to having your paradigm challenged or transformed.
  • Have intellectual curiosity.
  • Talk and discuss with people that think contrary to you.

If you can be open-minded to yourself, then what you are also gonna be is open-minded to the experience of others." — Robin Koerner

Science evolves and improves based on everyone knowing that they don’t have the right answers. Robin, related to this topic, emphasized that in moral aspects as humans we tend to resist, but when someone decides to be a scientist of life, that individual can be an incredible thinker and persuader.


Dean, Michael Polanyi College

Political commentator and consultant