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    Introduction by Emily Gularte
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    Personal drive to break bonds of poverty
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    How the Usafi Comfort Project was born
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    What is Usafi Comfort
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    How did you decide to bring the Project to Antigua Forum
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    Take away from the Antigua Forum experience
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    Final words
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Turning an abandoned problem into a business adventure

Yasmin Valdez  | 06 de julio de 2018  | Vistas: 21

Antigua Forum Business Entrepreneurship Innovation

June Arunga is one of the youngest powerful women in Africa, a leader in various projects related to human rights and an entrepreneur. June is the CEO of her most recent project, Usafi Comfort, she talks about the creation of this business, what problem it solves and the future of it.

Human beings are here on this planet to help each other; and that that's a big deal, it can change the world in small and big ways when people are generous with each other.”

From an early age, June was anxious to break the bounds of poverty that were extensive in her native country. After being an a-stay-at-home mom for around three years, Arunga realized that she needed to start working and get her entrepreneurial skills back on the game.

Thinking of a solution to a problem can be sometimes abstract. However, June found an issue, which nobody seemed to be interested in doing anything about it. She discovered an incoherence between the available advanced technology on the country and the lack of improvement in an important area.

Poverty is unpleasant; I find it tragic that people would be born and died without maximizing their potential.”

Arunga discusses how this absence of change affects growing countries, she explains how Usafi Comfort works, and what the benefits of this project are. June comments on her reasons to come to the Antigua Forum, the valuable help she got after collaborating with different expertise.

We all have something we can give to somebody else who's working on their dream or their ambition.”

Lastly, Arunga, comments on her pure opinion of how people can make a difference, and the inspiration she acquired from this experience.

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Entrepreneur, CEO of Usafi Comfort