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    Initial credits
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    How are the current medicines originated?
  • 01:22    |    
    What are the obstacles faced by people who develop drugs?
  • 02:15    |    
    What are the major boosts of innovation and the creation of new medication?
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    How different or similar is the process of approving new medical equipment to the process of approving new drugs?
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    In the field of creating new drugs, what makes you happy?
  • 05:42    |    
    What is the best environment to developing new drugs and medical devices?
  • 09:05    |    
    Are you for or against intellectual property in the medical field?
  • 09:36    |    
    What would you advice someone who wants to work in the area of developing new drugs?
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    Final words
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    Final credits

Developing New Drugs and Medical Devices

New Media  | 15 de octubre de 2013  | Vistas: 64

Ann C. Tunstall tells how an idea, a thorough research, and the need to cure a disease lead to the creation of a new drug, which is later on tested for its effects; however, despite the need for the medicine, its creator faces time and money as the main obstacles for development, since a great investment of both elements have to be carried out in order to prove its effectiveness.

As she addresses the need to innovate in this field, she also mentions differences between the development of medical equipment and drugs, stating that though both bear great importance, the first implies fewer difficulties in implementation due to its external use.

In her opinion, an optimum elaboration environment requires scientific knowledge along with plenty resources to conduct tests on the safety and adequacy of medical products. Finally, Tunstall states the importance of the scientific and commercial points of view in this area.


Ann C. Tunstall is a biological engineer, she provides strategic insight…


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