Entrepreneurship: From Disappointment to Disruption

New Media  | 14 de octubre de 2016  | Vistas: 325

Ketan Makwana, gives an inspiring talk for entrepreneurs on how to overcome disappointment and prepare to be a disruptor in the world. The first subject he touches is “elasticity”; people have millions of ideas a day, and only use 10% of their brain, so we need to unlock these ideas by sharing them and acting.

If you got an idea, you’ve got to take action. If you don’t, it’ll just stay in your head.”

Later he describes the three factors that affect the elastic mindset: pain, panic and fear and how to overcome them when they come. Makwana shares his ideas about the power of perception and why we all need to change it:

Perception is a very powerful thing, never underestimate it. What you see, you’ll produce a behavior towards, that behavior turns into an attitude and that attitude turns into an action.”

Later he quotes the ideas of Charles Swindoll about making choices and the importance of the attitude we have towards them. He says “you always have a choice” and 90% of the result, has to do with your attitude, and is crucial not to react but respond to it correctly.

Makwana later talks about how to go from procrastination to productivity in your life and defines the meaning of success, how your little goals take you to success and the importance of not comparing yourself to others. Finally he gives his most essential advice: To find the things that you love and work towards them. He believes everyone is a genius at something, so he motivates you to be insane and find your genius, change your attitude to go from disappointment to disruption when pursuing your dreams.

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