• 00:01    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
    Early years
  • 02:25    |    
    Moving to Germany
  • 03:16    |    
    Life in France
  • 03:45    |    
    Leaving to America
  • 05:22    |    
    Following the heart
  • 06:08    |    
    Working on myself
  • 07:35    |    
    Learning about entrepreneurship
    • Co-creating
    • Front row seat to entrepreneurship
  • 11:12    |    
    Challenge of the first company
  • Introducing elements of African culture
  • 13:35    |    
  • 14:55    |    
    Reasons to be beautiful
  • Purpose of beauty
  • 17:00    |    
    Changing perceptions through branding
  • 18:25    |    
    Criticize by creating
    • Where to start
    • First ideas
    • Product development
    • Improving the formula
    • Marketing
    • Research
    • Working on the formulas
    • Testing to guarantee stability and safety
    • Enemies in body care products
    • Perfume elaboration
    • Denatured alcohol
    • Final product
  • 45:04    |    
    Question and answer period
    • How did you create the concept of La Femme Tiossano? How is this idea accepted in your current market?
      • Not just another beauty product
      • Purpose of beauty
      • Allowing women to recognize their beauty
      • Another form of beauty
      • Hospitality
      • Women with brain, beauty, heart, and soul
      • Women as caregivers and feminists
      • Integration
    • Where can we find your products? How are you planning to get them into Guatemala?
    • How did you get the funding for your product?
      • Part of the change
      • Aligned people
      • Being your own currency
      • Sharing a passion
    • What about the customers?
      • Cultivate media through different channels
      • Spending time on research
      • Making matches at all levels
      • Finding information and making decisions
      • Customers as part of the family
      • Importance of the relationship with customers
      • Thinking about other people
      • Dealing with great people
    • Have you ever thought about creating a male brand?
    • Screening people
  • 01:27:05    |    
    Final words
  • 01:27:39    |    
    Final credits

Tiossano: The Development of a New Product

New Media  | 31 de enero de 2012  | Vistas: 33

Magatte Wade shares with students the experiences she has had along her personal and professional life; knowledge that has influenced and built the successful person she is today. She talks about entrepreneurship and the challenges faced during the creation of her two companies. Wade points out the importance of co-creating and bringing essential elements of one's culture during such process, in order to give a special purpose to the project. She also comments on what she considers are the steps of a product development. She believes that a well structured branding strategy is fundamental to guarantee a meaningful success and to promote change in a specific area. Finally, she discusses interactively with the audience and explains more about the approach of her goods, stressing the important role customers play, not only in the development of a new product, but also in its endurance.