• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
  • Teaching requires encouragement
  • 01:16    |    
    Participant teaching fields
  • 03:42    |    
    On Charles Grande, and how he saved my life
    • It is impossible to reach EVERY student
    • Teaching an approach to life, not just information
  • 09:02    |    
    Getting ready for battle
  • 10:21    |    
    Questions to professors
    • Why did you choose to teach?
    • When you began teaching, what did you hope for?
    • To what extent have your hopes been realized?
    • For you, what is the most rewarding thing about teaching? The most difficult?
    • What do you still hope for?
  • 11:41    |    
    Personal experience
    • Why I became a teacher
    • Students as customers
    • The difficulties of teaching
    • Taking success in education for granted
    • What am I fighting for?
  • 18:15    |    
    Final credits

What are Teachers for

New Media  | 25 de agosto de 2014  | Vistas: 16

Preston Jones shares his thoughts on the challenges of teaching and the cause of education. He looks to inspire professors in this group of many different fields, including dentistry, architecture, symbolic logic, Austrian economics, history, and law. Facing the every-day battle of teaching requires encouragement. Sometimes, the call to teach is born from a source of inspiration at a young age. Such is Jones’ case. Pivotal to his career choice was Charles Grande, an unusual but dedicated teacher who truly cared about his students and found the strength to face a constantly demanding environment. This professor taught from the soul, providing interested students an approach to life, not just plain information. Of course there were students who didn't like Grande. But reaching every single student is an unrealistic goal, Jones says.

Jones prompts the audience to respond a series of questions that will define their vocation to teaching. For him, encouragement comes from a genuine interest in education. His source of motivation is a desire to preserve an art that is often taken for granted. This is enough to bring him to the classroom every day.


Preston Jones is associate professor of history and he was previously…


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