Mark Stahlman: The Impact of Digital Technology on Society

Yasmin Valdez  | 22 de octubre de 2020  | Vistas: 75

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Digital technology shifted how humans interact and develop. Mark Stahlman, president of The Center for the Study of Digital Life (CSDL), shared some characteristics to understand the effects of technology on society as well as his professional trajectory.

Stahlman pointed out that Friedrich Hayek is at the root of CSDL, from the beginning of psychology with Aristotle to Hayek's early studies. It was understood that psychology was a matter of the faculties of the human physique or soul, an element of humanity that this institution is working to recover.

Is very important for us to remember psychology, Hayek was an important contributor...I’m here trying to join together with scholars who are interested in exploring Hayek's understanding of the sensory order, this is where the action happens, in our subconscious.” — Mark Stahlman

He explained that computers are memory devices, electronic devices such as a camera are fantasy devices. One of the projects of the CSDL is to study and address the challenges, opportunities, and threats of the overemphasized imagination that the electric age has brought over memory.

What we are now living through as a result of digital technology is probably the most significant shift in our internal faculties that has ever occurred to humanity." — Mark Stahlman

The Antigua Forum helped Stahlman discover a highly organized conflict between memory and imagination within the projects shared by the participants. This memory and imagination in motion is what he likes to call a renaissance, to Mark this is what the Antigua Forum is doing, far exceeding his expectations.


Bill Frezza is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with Adam Capital…

President, Center for the Study of Digital Life