Robyn Metcalfe: Entrepreneurship and The Food Supply Chain

Yasmin Valdez  | 23 de octubre de 2020  | Vistas: 84

Antigua Forum Entrepreneurship Food Innovation

Robyn Metcalfe is a specialized food historian. During this interview, she shared her experience with the Antigua Forum, her professional journey, and why the supply chain requires a free market and entrepreneurship to improve.

Metcalfe got interested in the supply chain in the ’90s when she founded a farm focused on conserving endangered breeds of livestock. When trying to introduce these animals to the market for farmers to start raising these animals again, she discovered a gap in the supply chain.

The more we can understand a supply chain the more we can find where the friction points are." — Robyn Metcalfe

She was part of a startup that was challenged to solve the problems within the supply chain. The people involved began to create new storage systems, ways to track and trace food, as well as solutions on how to lower the carbon footprint. Other areas Robyn invites entrepreneurs to get involved in are:

  • Finding better fuel for container ships.
  • Improve food transportation.
  • Create a blockchain-related system for tracking and tracing food.

My husband and I came to The Antigua forum because we were intrigued by this whole idea of a gathering of people who converge around this idea of free-markets, liberty, and ideas that are hard to find within a community to discuss." — Robyn Metcalfe

To conclude, Metcalfe recommends people interested in this topic to avoid looking for innovations that reside on a polarized side of the conversation, that cannot agree on a solution. Such as local or not local food, free-market or non-free market, and the use of meat competing with vegan practices.


Food Historian and Futurist

Dean, Michael Polanyi College