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    Initial credits
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    Introduction by Luis Figueroa
  • 00:19    |    
    What it is mapping knowledge and why are you interested in the subject?
  • 04:14    |    
    In this project, what is your biggest challenge?
  • 06:56    |    
    Can you tell us about your experience with StartX?
  • 10:07    |    
    Would you consider yourself as an extraordinary person?
  • 11:22    |    
    Who inspires you?
  • 12:55    |    
    Do you think there should be a different kind of education for extraordinary people and for people who is not?
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    Final words
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    Final credits

Importance of Mapping Knowledge

New Media  | 02 de octubre de 2013  | Vistas: 46

Juan Batiz-Benet talks in this interview about Athena, a technology startup founded by him, which consists in a learning platform that maps all human knowledge and connects concepts to their explanations. He states that knowledge is the most valuable resource and how information technologies help us to enable human brains in order to interact with this knowledge.

Mapping knowledge to him, means creating a graph of human concepts and sort of human proficiencies and skills to understand the relationships between each other. Batiz-Benet explains the work of StartX a startup accelerator from Stanford University, who helps students to build their companies, on the scientific field, Startx-Med is aimed to mentor venture projects related to Medicine.


Juan Batiz-Benet is a computer scientist from Stanford University. He is…


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