Fred Bauma: Empowering Communities to Make Change

Estefanía Campos  | 09 de abril de 2019  | Vistas: 81

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Fred Bauma, pro democratic activist and leader of the collective LUCHA, a group that advocates through non-violent action for reforms at the Democratic Republic of el Congo, was part of the College Freedom Forum 2019. In this interview with UFM’s vice president, he shares information on his work and the importance of fostering entrepreneurship in young generations.

He describes the role of LUCHA, that aims to provide civic education to hold the government accountable. They believe the effectivity of any government depends on people holding it accountable, therefore they empower people to pressure their government in line with their needs. Later, conveys on how entrepreneurship teaches youth to take responsibility for their future, as it makes them active actors in their context.

The future lies on how young people are involved in the life of their communities”.

Another topic discussed is how to promote improvements on a countries infrastructure; Bauma shares his personal experience at el Congo where the communities succeed by insisting in a non violent way, on the construction of roads.

Pushing the government until they understand that you are not going to give up, unless they deliver what you are asking, is the best way to deliver social needs”.

At the end, Fred expresses the changes in society he has perceived; people more involved with social changes and more willing to protest in the streets; the biggest impact is the change of mindset in people.

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Activist and leader, LUCHA


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